Services we offer

Auto Maslak performs routine vehicle maintenance as well as major repairs. We guarantee our work and we get projects done quickly.

We specialize in domestic & import cars - Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, and all Japanese cars. Our certified technicians have more than 30 years of experience.

Our mechanics use electronic means and onboard computer codes and related data as well as our hands, ears, and eyes to assess and repair vehicle problems. In addition, we advise our customers on preventative maintenance strategies in order to keep vehicles in good condition and to avoid future expenses.

  • ✓ Preventive vehicle maintenance
  • ✓ AC servicing
  • ✓ Scheduled servicing
  • ✓ Tune ups
  • ✓ Engine overhaul-R&R
  • ✓ Break service
  • ✓ Break repair
  • ✓ Front-end alignments
  • ✓ Transmission repairs
  • ✓ Engine rebuilds
  • ✓ Tire repair and replacement
  • ✓ Exhaust and suspension services
  • ✓ Oil changes
  • ✓ Repair steering systems
  • ✓ Repair and service air conditioning and heating
  • ✓ Repair electrical systems

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